Man Wears Scream Costume To Collect His Win, So Relatives Can’t Recognize Him

A lottery winner in Jamaica who apparently wished to remain anonymous picked rather the mask to hide his face.Dressed in a mask of”Ghostface” — a character in the”Scream” movies with a signature white face and long, wide-opened mouth — the winner, just recognized as A. Campbell, gathered his winnings of approximately $158,400,000 in Jamaican dollars, that equates to over $1,171,400 in US dollars.Campbell, according to the Jamaica Star, became sick when he found out he won the Super Lotto in November, after buying a ticket for $1.48.

“I discovered [I won] the same night,” he said.”Ordinarily, I’d write down the numbers
by the [televised] draw, then eat and then go and check my numbers. I looked at my ticket [that ] and hurried in my toilet and
said:’I won! I won!'”He allegedly picked up his test on Feb. 5. He said while he is alright, he believes”just a bit numb, a little bit” after his win.Campbell seemed to have considered how to responsibly handle the money.”I want to get a nice house. I will be looking for one, although I haven’t discovered it yet. I like to handle money. I don’t beg, I do not borrow,” he explained.

“So I’m looking at things that may turn over the money. I have a business that is little, so I intend to make it larger, purchase an apartment. I really like to have cash.”Campbell is not the first Super Lotto winner to protect their identity following their win.
In June, a woman who won $180,900,000 in money that was Jamaican wore a face mask to hide who she was.

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