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The Secret to Making Tasty Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry

Hi people, welcome back to the most pleasing receipes web page. If you are looking for interesting Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry recipe, you are now at the perfect place. We only serve excellent Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry recipe which will make your dish like a professional chef’s.

Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry

We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to melts in your mouth! tender pork belly curry recipe. You can have melts in your mouth! tender pork belly curry using 13 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Here are the ingridients that are needed to prepare a appetizing Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry:

  1. Prepare 350 grams of Pork belly (block).
  2. Provide 1 tsp of Salt and pepper to season the pork.
  3. Use 1 of Ginger for parboiling the pork.
  4. Prepare 2 medium of Onion.
  5. Get 1 large of Carrot.
  6. Provide 2 medium of Potatoes.
  7. Take 100 ml of Red wine.
  8. Prepare 1 can of Tomato juice.
  9. Use 1 tsp of Instant coffee.
  10. Get 1 piece of Chocolate.
  11. You need 1 tsp of each Ginger, garlic (grated).
  12. Use 1 of ♪ Cheese for topping.
  13. Provide 1 small of box Curry roux.

Done with the ingridients? Below are the steps on producing Melts in Your Mouth! Tender Pork Belly Curry:

  1. Make all the ingredients ready. Besides the ingredients listed above, add spices of your choice!.
  2. Prep the pork belly first! This is important. Take the pork belly block out, and pierce it multiple times all over with a bamboo or metal skewer. This is done so that the flavors penetrate and tenderize. After piercing it all over, rub evenly with salt and pepper, and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes..
  3. Take the pork belly block out of the refrigerator and cut into large cubes. It will be cooked after this, so make the cubes rather big. Brown the pork belly cubes in a frying pan. No oil is needed! The fat of the pork belly is enough!!.
  4. Put the browned pork belly in a small pan and parboil! Add ginger to the water to remove any gaminess. It's even better if you add the green part of a leek too! Simmer gently over low heat for an hour while skimming off the scum..
  5. Take the slow-simmered, tender pork belly out onto a plate. Let the cooking liquid cool down, then refrigerate..
  6. While the cooking liquid is chilling, prep the vegetables. Slice the onion thinly along the grain. Cut the carrot and potatoes into large random pieces..
  7. Melt butter (not listed) in a pan, and sauté the sliced onions. Sauté patiently, taking your time, until caramelized! If you can't wait that long, you can stop when they are lightly browned..
  8. When the onions are browned, add carrot and potatoes and sauté lightly. Add pork belly..
  9. Add red wine and evaporate the alcohol. Pour in tomato juice and pork cooking liquid (about 650 ml in total; top up with water if there isn't enough). If you chill the pork cooking liquid and throw away the fat that congeals on top, it's healthier..
  10. Simmer until it comes to a boil! When it comes to a boil, turn the heat down very low and simmer for another 30 minutes! The pork belly will become fall-apart tender, so don't stir it around too much. Add instant coffee, chocolate, ginger and garlic. I recommend using bitter chocolate!.
  11. Add curry roux and simmer until dissolved. Once the roux has dissolved, take the curry off the heat and let it cool. This ensures that the flavors permeate the ingredients..
  12. Reheat the cooled curry. Top the rice with melting type cheese, then ladle the slowly simmered curry. Done!!.

Melt in your mouth tender slices of seasoned pork belly that is perfect in a steaming bowl of ramen! Ramen is my current obsession, with tonkotsu ramen (aka pork ramen) being my favourite, and the most important topping for a good pork ramen is melt in your mouth chashu, aka Japanese marinated braised pork belly. Leave the pork uncovered in the fridge overnight to dry out the skin. Carefully score the pork skin with a sharp knife or scalpel. Pork Belly is one of the most delicious cuts but getting it right can be a challenge, even for a chef.

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